The administration department is the conduit of the Council of Governments that maintains office operations from daily opening to closing; customer service, phone detail, equipment and supply purchase, general administration and word processing, custodial services and office maintenance; as well as upkeep of computer systems. Within the administration department, we handle all human resources to include recruitment/hiring, insurance, retirement, worker's compensation, office functions, etc. All COG board and committee activity as well as the daily functions of the COG's Executive Director is also handled through this department. It is the DO IT, FIX IT and BE IT department!

SLRCOG’s finance team maintains the official accounting records for and performs the day to day financial transactions of the COG along with providing information and assistance to Executive and departmental management staff in making strategic decisions.  Functions and activities of the finance staff include, but are not limited to, budget preparation and administration, accounts receivable/billing, accounts payable, payroll, fixed asset management, cash flow and financial reporting.  The two primary benchmarks of SLRCOG’s finance team are accuracy and timeliness.