Clarendon County

  • Benton Blakely, Clarendon County Council
  • Senator Kevin Johnson
  • Shirley Keels, Member-at-Large, Clarendon County
  • Mayor Julia Nelson, City of Manning
  • Dwight Stewart, Chairman, Clarendon County Council

Kershaw County

  • Julian Burns, Chairman, Kershaw County Council
  • Board Chair, Mayor Alfred Mae Drakeford, City of Camden
  • Representative Laurie Funderburk
  • Jeffrey Graham, Camden City Council
  • Brad Hanley, Town of Elgin
  • John W. Lee, Member-at-Large, Kershaw County
  • Kenneth McCaskill, Member-at-Large, Kershaw County
  • Sammie Tucker, Jr., Kershaw County Council

Lee County

  • David Addison, Lee County Council
  • Mayor Alexander Boyd, City of Bishopville
  • Representative Will Wheeler
  • 1st Vice Chair, Travis Windham, Chairman, Lee County Council

Sumter County

  • Eugene Baten, Sumter County Council
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Campbell, Member-at-Large, Sumter County
  • Ione Dwyer, Sumter City Council
  • Bob Galiano, Sumter City Council
  • Jim McCain, Chairman, Sumter County Council
  • Mayor Joe McElveen, City of Sumter
  • 2nd Vice Chair, Vivian McGhaney, Sumter County Council
  • Dr. Bill Painter, Member-at-Large, City of Sumter
  • Jay Schwedler, Member-at-Large, Sumter County
  • Representative David Weeks
  • Chuck Wilson, Member-at-Large, Sumter County
  • Earl Wilson, Member-at-Large, Sumter County