Mission Statement

To serve as a forum of governments, advocating a regional vision through identification of opportunities, effective courses of action, and appropriate resources essential to enable local governments to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter Counties.

Vision Statement

Contribute as a leader to this region becoming a preferred community in which to age in-place, raise a family, educate children and adults, and successfully conduct business activity as a highly competitive component of the global economy.


Institutional Value Statement

This statement reflects the values of the Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments’ Board of Directors.  They have agreed to utilize these values as the standards by which their actions and the actions of their staff will be measured by the residents, the public and private institutions, and the local governments the Council serves in the region.  This Council values:


Willingly accept responsibility for actions.  Be willing to be tested, and if found deficient accept correction as a tool in a process of continuous improvement.

 Commitment to Fostering Positive Change

In order for the region to capture opportunities and overcome weaknesses, it must pursue a commitment to both research and facilitate dialogue that encourages positive change. 


Constructive communication can only occur when there is mutual discovery and agreement on common values between the parties.

 Customer Satisfaction

Our relationships with our customers -- member local governments, legislative delegations, state and federal governments, non-profit corporate partners, the residents and businesses of the Santee-Lynches Region -- are of primary importance when considering our actions as an organization.


Positive change that results from recognition and appropriate reaction to new circumstances is critical. 

 Inter-governmental Integrity

Inter-governmental integrity is the foundation for the viability of the region’s investment partnerships.

 Local Governance

Government works best that which is closest to the people it’s intended to serve.

 Public Service in the capacity of a Neutral Broker

Reliance upon a doctrine of fairness toward all interested parties based on sound facts.

 Regional Solutions

Place a premium on recognition of development opportunities, the identification of problems, and proactive advocacy for regional solutions. 


Above all, truth is essential.