Town of Paxville Comprehensive Plan 2021 COMMUNITY SURVEY

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The Paxville Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for the development of the Paxville community. The plan collects and analyzes information about the features of the Town, its people, and the issues it faces. The plan is designed to look ahead to the next ten years.

By showing us where we are now, where we want to go, and what steps we can take to get there, the Comprehensive Plan is like a roadmap for the future. The community can refer to the Comprehensive Plan
when making decisions about what comes next.

This Community Survey is an important way for the residents of Paxville to share their views of the Town and its future. The results of the survey will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan. By completing the survey, residents can express their likes, dislikes, opinions, and ideas on important issues that affect the Town – from housing and businesses to transportation and recreation, and many others. Putting all the survey responses together gives us an image of the place we want Paxville to be.