COG’s Workforce Department Receives Praise During Inspection

COG’s Workforce Development underwent an annual inspection and passed with flying colors. 


Areatha Clark, (803-774-1405) 

October 28, 2020 

SUMTER, SC  Santee-Lynches COG recently underwent an annual inspection by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW). Each year SCDEW conducts an annual inspection of the COGs administration of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program funded by the federal Department of Labor.  There are three primary purposes of the inspection. First, to ensure the COG is spending the funds in accordance with the federal guidelines.  Then to ensure the COG has documented the individual case files for clients correctly.  Lastly, to ensure the intent of the program is being met.  Due to COVID-19 the inspection was conducted virtually but was just as robust as in-person inspections.  The DEW staff spent three (3) days reviewing financial documents, Individual Employment Plans (IEPs)training timesheets, case notes, and conducting interviews with counselors.  At the onset of the inspection, the Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Workforce Development, Areatha Clark, stated, “We look forward to the inspection each year.  This is an opportunity for us to grow and get better as we are always striving for continuous improvement.” 

The inspection concluded with two (2) minor concerns that were easily addressed.  The SCDEW staff gave some very positive feedback.  They advised the COG staff that the invoicing looked great and was easy to follow, staff were very passionate about what they were doing, and they wished other organizations’ files were as organized and detailed, especially the IEPs, as they were very easy to follow.  The Executive Director, Chris McKinney, stated, “I have the utmost confidence and trust in Areatha Clark.  She has been diligently working to develop the team-concept with her staff and our contractor, Eckerd Connects, over the past year and this shows the fruit of her labor.  She excels at developing people and the people make the program run extremely well.  The outcome of this inspection is par for the course for Areatha.  I am very proud of Areatha and the team! 


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