Long Term Care Ombudsman

Sheila Brooks
Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman/Manager

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman seeks to improve the quality of life and quality of care of residents who live in long term care facilities. The Ombudsman is available to assist residents and their families by advocating to protect their health, safety, well-being, and rights. 

The Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments' Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program covers four counties in South Carolina: Clarendon, Lee, Kershaw, and Sumter. 


The Ombudsman Program is governed by the federal Older Americans Act and by the South Carolina Omnibus Adult Protection Act. The South Carolina Department on Aging administers the statewide program through ten regional offices located throughout the state. There is no cost for services provided by the Ombudsman Program. 

What does the Long-Term Care Ombudsman do? 

  • Investigate and work to resolve problems or complaints affecting long-term care residents. 

  • Identify problem areas in long-term care and advocates or mediates for change. 

  • Provide information and referrals regarding long-term care program and related services. 

  • Promote resident, family, and the community involvement in long-term care. 

  • Educate residents, family, staff, and the community on topics affecting long-term care. 

  • Empower residents to advocate for their rights and resolve their complaints. 

What type of issues does an Ombudsman Handle? 

Residents' Rights 

Quality of Care 

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation 

Transfers and Discharges 


How can I file a complaint? 

To file a complaint, please contact Sheila Brooks, Regional Ombudsman at (803)774-1983 or email her at sbrooks@slcog.org 


Who can call the Ombudsman? 

  • Residents of Long-Term Care facilities 

  • Friends and relatives of residents

  • Facility staff members 

  • Community members and others concerned about the welfare of residents in long-term care facilities.