Our History

Jim Darby



Governor West signed an agreement establishing the Santee-Wateree Regional Planning Commission.

Jim Darby hired as the first agency Executive Director.


The second floor of the Sumter County Courthouse selected for the first office.

COG occupied one room with two desks and one phone.



COG moved to the CP&L building on Calhoun St in Sumter, SC.

Bill Millet



Bill Millet replaced Jim Darby as Executive Director. 


building 1979

Ben Griffith replaced Bill Millet as Executive Director. - All operations relocated to North Harvin St in 

Ben Griffith



Randy Adams replaced Ben Griffith as Executive Director.


Bob Strother selected as the Interim Executive Director.


Jim Darby returned as Executive Director.


Santee-Wateree Regional Planning Commission obtained Certification of Incorporation to become Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments.


COG staff grew and leadership decided to split staff between two offices located on North Harvin Street and the corner of South Harvin St and Liberty St in Sumter, SC.


COG purchased, renovated, and relocated all operations to the Osteen Davis Building on the corner of Liberty St and Sumter St in Sumter, SC.

Dr. Michael Mikota2013

Dr. Michael Mikota replaced Jim Darby as Executive Director.


COG experienced a fire and lots of data and historical documents were lost.

Due to the fire, staff temporarily split between the Comprehensive SC Works Building on Calhoun Street and the Santee Wateree Regional Transportation Authority on Harvin Street.


buildingbuilding 2015

COG headquarters relocated to the Live Oak Industrial Park in Sumter.

Half of staff moved to this location.

The remaining staff continued operations at the Comprehensive SC Works Building.


City of Sumter purchased .61 acre parcel at corner of E. Bartlette St and S. Main St for site of new COG HQ building.

The Board of Directors approved the construction of a new facility at corner of E. Bartlette St. and S. Main St.




Chris McKinney2017

Christopher McKinney replaced Dr. Michael Mikota as Executive Director.