Dennis Cyphers

Executive Director & Director, Government Services

Dennis Cyphers is the Executive Director and Government Services Chief for the Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments (SLRCOG).

Cyphers facilitates the strategic vision and oversees all assistance provided to a four-county region, consisting of Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, and Sumter Counties in South Carolina and all 12 cities/towns. Based in Sumter, Cyphers has a staff consisting of 27 subject matter experts who serve a population of approximately 223,000 people and is responsible for the stewardship of a $8.1 million budget. Originally formed as a planning district, the Santee-Lynches COG serves the region by working for and with local governments to bring public and private sector leaders together to solve emerging and
persistent problems. By collaborating, communicating, and working together, Santee-Lynches COG seeks to find and create efficiencies across the region, set priorities, proactively identify challenges, and develop creative solutions that are mutually beneficial and advance the prosperity of the region. The COG is also a key organization utilized to administer federal and state grants across the region aimed at improving the quality of the workforce, regional planning to facilitating community and economic development and facilitating our seniors aging in place with dignity. The Santee-Lynches COG is also a designated Economic Development District under the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

In his dual role as Government Services Chief, Dennis provides direction and oversight in the design and implementation processes for regional and local planning, economic development, community enhancement, and private sector partnering projects across the four counties of the Santee-Lynches region (Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, and Sumter Counties and municipalities). He has directed the
efforts leading to the completion of a wide array of critical projects including the development of a new 5-year Hazard Mitigation Plan, 5-year Home Consortium Plan, Comprehensive Plans, and written

Dennis has diverse management and operational experience in both the private and public sectors which include successfully launching private startups and administering grants in both the federal and state arenas. His private sector experience includes progressive management positions ranging from Regional Administrator to CEO. He has developed extensive marketing strategies and overseen the successful roll-out of numerous technical platforms and advanced training programs. He has negotiated contracts for numerous corporate and privately owned facilities ensuring long-term financial health.  Additionally, Mr. Cyphers has completed large-scale programs that cross lines of private equity with local, state, and federal government contracts.

Dennis is a native of Wilmington, NC where he actively volunteered for both the Azalea Festival and River Fest events. He is a graduate of Campbell University.